As luck would have it, the sweet new neighbor had locked himself out. I heard his cursing down the hall, opened the door and offered my help. We called the locksmith and then had to wait for him .. this was my chance. Under the pretext to get drinks, I quickly put on sexy clothes to get him around.
I was not sure because, as I had seen, he also had a girlfriend and he did not seem particularly interested in me ...
but fortunately it worked. ; D

Yes, I know you had a busy day in the office again. But like every evening, I'm there for you. You come home and I already stretch my ass and my pussy. I want you to be fine when you come home. As always, I am willing for you, because you bring the money home every day. So just put it in, so you feel better again and you can enjoy your well deserved after work. React and fuck me doggy the way you like it when you get back from work. When I get my orgasm you can then look at my twitching cunt and my throbbing asshole in peace. Does not that look extremely horny? Well then squirt your juice on me, spit my pussy and my butt pretty full of your cream, then you feel better again. Nice that you are home sweetheart!

It was time again that I got a great load in my face. I've known this splash for some time and knew that he always has a lot in his and that's why I called him if he has time. When he always sprays very quickly, but that does not bother me because I will be rewarded with a lot of juice. Do you have a lot of sperm you have for me? Then you should contact me quickly and we'll do a cool Trust me and write me if you have a lot of sperm.

Actually, I have no sympathy with guys who are not allowed to play, but this time it was different. I could see the pressure in his balls through his underpants ... His eggs would almost have burst as he sat in front of me..Na yes, my sister probably does not want and that's what I took over then. That can not become the rule, right? Although he can fuck very horny! A little guilty conscience I already have, I hope that does not come out ....... But his cock .. I would like to again, maybe then a threesome with my sister ??

One of the roommates in the dorm has learned that I like to do private porn. I meet him in the hallway and he suddenly begins to know everything about me and I should take care that the teachers do not notice. Smaller I thought to myself, he just wants to fuck;) And it also came out, his cock was already and I thought so I'm the best out of the number out again when He is with himself on a video;) That's only then also remain his secret. But the fuck in the hallway was really cool with him, fortunately we were not discovered;) Would you have liked it too or?

The said Morgenstatte ... I wake up in the morning and I'm wet .. especially in the summer, when I can nude and grope me directly between the legs .. I touch the fingers on the clitoris .. get the dildo from the nightstand, to suck it with relish and then stuck in my sweet wet pussy .. hmmm .. look .. I love it, if you watch me, ... until I come for you to climax. Did you like it? More intimate insights at home? Then leave a rating there! : - * gratification