This has never happened to me !! A user told me he could do something with me and that would be so blatant that I would literally explode with lust and the meeting would never forget! At first I thought that would be some kind of Laberer who just on thick pants but then ... I just let me surprise and let him have done and then what happened to the end was just incredible! Luckily I was not disappointed !! It was so violent that you can hardly put it in words so just see yourself ... so blatant I have not experienced something anyway;)

Last year, on my birthday, the door suddenly rang.
There is the new sweet tenant from below, in front of me, with a gift in
his hand and congratulates me on my birthday. I let him in confused.
I unpacked the gift and was amazed. A panty and a tunnel plug was in it. I

was a bit confused until he explained to me, he knew who I am, he found

my wish list on the internet and wanted to hand it over to me personally.
I thought that was so cute of him, that I quickly put the plug in and
showed him off. Well then one thing led to another ... ^^


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ohhhhhweia .... when I was on the way home from Berlin to Hamburg I drank a lot, that then the next public toilet is too far away for my full bladder, I could not guess. In the end, I had to empty myself in the middle of Hamburg and let the torrent run wild ... You want to see more pee video from me? then leave me a review :) Kiss your Hanna: *

OH oh that's not my way of life !!!! Actually, I just wanted to try a new way how I can bring my hot date to COMING. But then I have taken a dildo for practice. But then suddenly the friend of my stepsister, he had of course an idea how I could practice even better ... IMMEDIATELY my step-sister can learn in any case, then she certainly does not want to have anything to do with me. I just hope that her boyfriend also keeps his mouth !!!!

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