That was again a horny foot date with a user. I brought absolutely hotte high heels and nylons and he could taste my feet and they spoil you with his tongue. He got not enough. I like his mouth fucked with my toes. Sometime drove my feet EVERYWHERE along his body. Love it have to feel a warm tongue on my toes and touched myself doing a little immoral. In addition still easy conversation. In Part II, I missed him my first real footjob.

In the midst of preparations for a mega hot photo shoot, press again the bladder. Mira and I saw the truck standing there so beautiful roadside. The discs were drawn and the driver certainly asleep. I hope he does not notice that we rumturnen on his truck .... We stood on the tank and the wheel well, spread legs, crouched us down a bit and PEE mach ... Mira, who thought they already be a mega, Pisselse was very surprised how far and how long I could pee ... the title "Queen of Piss" I have once again earned more than ????

When I was on my way to the bus stop, the best friend drove up from my treasure. For a ride, he is to have always and for a hot blowjob determined. During the trip, it just happened that we have become both cool to each other and I sucked his dick. Bad conscience about our partners, we have not. Because at last he could let cool spray his tail again.

Schmerzverzerrt! Darauf war ich nicht vorbereitet, rammt mir der Stecher einfach seinen Schwanz in meinen Arsch, so ganz ohne Vorwarnung, aua das waren ja Gefühle ich habe erst einmal gejault vor Schmerzen, das hat ewig gedauert bis ich dann auch etwas davon hatte, also ich finde so was nicht die feine..., na zum glück gings ja dann besser , er hat kurzer Hand mein Arschloch nass gemacht und gekühlt.

Oh God, that was SOOO EXCITING .. has already felt weird, so to be easily dressed under my coat because AT THE STREET .. ALL have so gekuckt but :-) luckily came indeed equal a nice VW bus driver who could not resist ... and psssst .. exceptionally he could eVEN WITHOUT RUBBER pure ... it has to be me TRUE GEIL MADE hIS LITTLE BITCH VERFICKTE because ichs me not let take its COOL JUICE to sWALLOW!

I love spontaneity ... A lot more I need not tell you .. I'm on my way to my grandmother and so crazy it is, but me tingles it again violently ... What should I do between the legs? To ignore? Fighting on or ask me uncontrollably my lust ?? I hope no one has my flag pinned because only nude on my car in the crowd would have been even more violent than that ... Or how would you like that ??