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Damn it, I forgot my money at home :/ How do I come home now??? I just hope a nice driver is passing by and bringing me home. After the 30th car passing by, finally someone stopped. He looked a bit scary but what else should I do, I had to get in. When he was supposed to make a short stop at his home, I couldn't believe what he just did :O!!

Angel is driving to her meeting. She sits in her sleek sportscar wearing a tight white top, tight light blue pencil skirt, and strappy open black leather heels. Suddenly her car breaks and stops on a desolate country road. Angel does not know what to do… she does not understand the inner-workings of cars and how to repair them. She swings her shapely body out of the car, opens the hood to see what's wrong. She has no idea and looks so innocently unaware, sleeplessly helpless, naively vulnerable and amazingly sexy as she stands over her sleek car with her ever so much more sleek and shapely figure. A gentleman sees her broken down car but is more interested in her prominently protruding breasts and sexy hourglass figure bending over her car! Obviously, he stops to help. He tries something while Angel presses her high-heeled foot on the gas pedal saying, "Come on baby, start for me" but the car fails to start. The gentleman was pleased she could not zoom away… all he remembered was her saying "Come on baby…".

The gentleman takes Angel for a ride in his car and off they go to get help with Angel's sleek sexy body sitting in the passenger seat. The view along the country ...

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