So one thing I can tell you, my toy box is full of great toys. There is nothing in it that does not excite me in a certain way. But until recently I did not have a toy in my collection - a suction cup dildo! I have to say that it even exceeded my expectations! How easy it can be to attach to the ground, then take it in different positions. I did not think that I would come to orgasm so fast. Maybe I was so excited by the thought, as you will see me, as I get myself in front of the mirror itself. I enjoy it all the more to touch and stroke myself passionately. The moan while I ride the dildo then extensively betrays exactly how much I had fun!

The kitchen is totally messed up and my body is also smeared with flour, oil and other liquids ... Oh, hihii, I just wanted to bake just a few cookies. Not even 1 week until Christmas ... it really is high time to bake. But when I'm a couple it's just a lot more fun and that's why I got extra support. While he's still buying the last things I prepare everything for you. And so that my things do not get dirty, I take off my pants as a precaution, hihii. It rings at the door, my support and the last things to bake are there, juhuu. We go straight to the kitchen, the flour is ready and we can start. But instead of helping me, I only feel his eyes ... how they want to take me off. I try to stop it, but this worktop full of flour looks so tempting ... just eat it up and have fun! Mhmm ... do not you even want to get involved?

I've got an orgasm more punishment Jenny let me piss public. Jenny had to tell me, we were so loud that the hotel guests complained. Jenny has me really crass and getting harder on my clit and pussy licked, so they must drink my pussy juice formally. After that, it is always unrestrained and wild. We literally go crazy and just let us go. Then Jenny is off and I fuck the little mega hard with my fingers. She always wants it harder and gets really horny and loud. Fortunately, Jenny had also brought a horny dildo and has gone through my little cunt once again really blatant! Until it stops, he goes into the wet hole until I come. Then Jenny is on it again and I see it in her eyes, that she can barely stand it anymore, so I fuck her with the dildo really cool. But I also want to feel her cunt on my and then we drive again to the common climax. Wow, what an orgasmic ectasis! After that we were still celebrating nice. Would you complain too? Or would you prefer to join?

When I met with the photographer outside I would not have expected that the photo shoot would end SO ...! - I've been looking for a good photographer for a long time. So I started a call. Of course, several photographers have reported to me, but with this I had a good feeling and his portfolio looked very appealing. We met outside, discussed everything over a coffee. Then we went home and he provided lingerie and shoes. And then we started. At first I was a bit skeptical and excited. After all, I do not do a photo shoot every day. But somehow the chemistry was right between us and I liked it more and more to pose in hot lingerie in front of him. He also liked it a lot, because the bump in his pants was getting bigger. Which made me even hornier! And we could not concentrate properly anymore. I just wanted to feel it deep inside of me and let me really use it. Wow, that was a really awesome photo shoot! Have fun with the video and I am very happy about your rating! Kiss, Sarah: *

There should be such a new yoga which gives you even stronger orgasms, the "Sex-Yoga". To get me right there, I tried it at the beginning with the doggy position and directly conceded the first hard cock for it, which then also made sure that I am properly stretched and fucked hard until he finally missed me a really nice egg white face mask , I think this sex yoga really brings the way I left

Woow ... that was an evening * laugh *! I was totally bored that evening and I just needed it again. Fate has probably meant well with me because I happen to have a visit and I have to say: I have never come so fast to the cause. He hit me so hard on my coffee table that my leg broke off from the coffee table. Well there was the laugh but big :) I've never had such a funny video shoot but as always - see for yourself ;-) Kuuussi Lina