Hallöchen Popöchen !!! I have such a low back and desperately need a massage. Luckily, I recently met an old friend who is now a physiotherapist. How convenient! And he did a great job in the time we did not see each other. Without any ulterior motive (as can be seen on my underwear;)) I invite him to me. Sweet-sweet, I ask him to massage my back. His hands on my skin feel sooo good! The deeper he massages, the better I like it. When he finally arrives at my asshole, it increases my desire in the immeasurable and I can not help but fuck with him!

Today it's finally time, I have my first date in Hamburg. I was very excited, especially because I already told him what I recently started doing here. We meet in the city and he is sympathetic to me, which makes my nervousness sink a bit. But when the question "to me or to you?" Comes from him, I'm really excited. Shy, I say "to me" and make sure. He grins at me and we drive in his car to my little apartment. Once there, I do not really know what to do. Finally, he takes the helm, takes the camera and off you go. In the end, I'm a little scared for a moment, I know that's what you do, but that was my first time: D

I've made an appointment with my date from the last time for today and I'm determined today to go all out. I'm terribly excited, this will be my first sex for a long time and I do not want to do anything wrong ... I'm still in the middle of me looking for beautiful underwear when it suddenly rings at the door ... He is too early! Quickly I run to the bathroom and let water run into the bathtub, then to the door to let him in and tell him that I'm preparing a bath, just for him hehe. While he makes himself comfortable in the tub, I search out my underwear, try this and that until I find the perfect. When I'm done I sit down on the couch and call him to me, a little puzzled, he comes out of the bathroom. The look he gives me, I realize that I have probably decided for the right wash ^^. But it does not stay long and the last covers fall quickly. Although I ask him to be very careful, he takes me pretty hard, which also hurts a bit, but somehow I also like to be used a bit hihi. Would you have gone right there?

I am out and about, must pee, but nowhere a shrubbery where I can undisturbed my need to perform. It is necessary and necessary, the bubble presses and there's a dirty workshop in the backyard. EIgentlich I'm just there to ask if they have a toilet but when I come through the door, the workshop is empty and there is no human. My heart is pounding, I'm excited, but the Piss Notdurft wins. Since I want to behave decently, for example, does not want to piss all over the floor and maybe someone wants to have something of eminem golden girl juice, I take the potty that is around there, take off my pants and piss off cool. Look at my hot piss hole and the aufgegeilte clitoris in close-up ... The Pipipschüssel is good deposited with the waste oil canisters. Camouflages itself super :) Jeans quickly pull up and out quickly ... Geil, that was a quick brazen piss action!

I have heard from friends that a friend of mine told me he fucked me and worried me properly. I was totally angry and invited him to me. When he was there, I confronted him. He just stammered around and did not really know what to say. Then let him prove what he says. I took it a little bit harder then put me on his face that keeps him out of the air. Then I rode him off nicely and showed him how it works, because he was so shy I had to take over everything. Yes, his big mouth was quite small at one time :)

Yawn, so boring, the family party. My stepbrother, whom I have not seen for a while, and I sit down in the living room. There I show him what I have on under the dress. Only a nylon pantyhose, which is open in the crotch! He is amazed not bad and quickly I have his hot cock in the mouth. Then I ride off my stepboy, the relatives next door. Then I lie down, so he can fuck my little, pierced pussy and see the beautiful nylons with the fuck hole. After my orgasm he comes too, I urge him to jerk off on the pussy and the pantyhose, Then I pull the dress back down and it continues to drink coffee;)! party brother