This is my first english-speaking video! As I am half-english I thought I'd give it a go! ;-)

Welcome back in my series of "Vicky's Wichsstudio"! This time you are in one of our British braches though, called "Wendy's Wank Studio" ;-P....
Our lesson for today: stop-and-go wanking....!! ;-D
Have you tried it before? Wanking and then - just when you are getting reaaalllly hot & horny....... - you STOP!!!
Here you can learn it... ;-)) Don't worry, you will succeed - because I will teach you... and I will be gentle.... ;-P!
In this video you will see me wanking and giving blow jobs to a very horny & eroused dick.... with sexy British dirty talk..... insturcting you when to go and when to stop ;) .... in the end I will let him come.... his delicious juice will be all over me..... ;)
With love

So you spoil a cock! You get totally broken home and just want to enjoy. No problem Annabel helps you. Lean back and enjoy how I enclose my glans with my full lips, massage my cock and balls with my gloves and lick you more and more. Then I blow your cock with relish time and again züngle you a concert before you can burst your sperm bomb in my mouth.

Want to know how our user video could look together? Then have a look at the video, because that's how our user video could look like. We can do whatever we want, according to your preferences. So if you also feel like making a video with me then just get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you ... PS: In my videos will be spoken in the future English and German so that all other European users can understand something ;-)

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