He is still going to school but he is already of age .. he told me at least .. he was very shy, vow I've never experienced anything like that .. No word he could say .. but I could convince him and him take his tension! I was very excited myself because I visited him directly at his internship ... Hopefully his boss did not notice what we were talking about or rather said !!!!! That could be annoying ... I brought him to actually ..... really a HUGE surprise that came to him, however, it was also a really generous load of surprise for me ... hehe

Oh man!!! I thought I was too late, but then he came up behind me ... He was so nervous and tense that I would never have believed what would happen in the next few minutes, if someone told me about it! I got into his car and wanted to give him a very special surprise! I knew that he had a very special liking, but he was never allowed to do it with a girl !! Hmm, what would he say when he first came with me ...... ??? That he then but soooooooo .... Uff I really did not expect of him !! Really a surprise ......... What a cool date !!!!

he was so excited that he did not bring out a sentence !! But you can also understand if he really should get blown for the very first time today! I already knew him from past chats and he told me more about his .... Trouble .... I met him for the first time this morning and noticed his tension directly .. However, I had a very very good method to make him really relaxed ... This, however, was not his desired blowjob. .....

YOU really can not imagine that !!!!!! I probably should not have done THAT, I thought in hindsight !! Such an embarrassing ... But I really need an internship place urgently. Today I drove off with the bike and take advantage of the beautiful weather at the same time ... The new eventual boss is a rather stuffy guy I've heard and I really hope that he takes me..I had done so pretty, according to the weather, of course ... I hope I can impress him and convince him of me .. However, I think that I have now not only made him curious about me, but really every guy I met on the road! Oh you can not do such a blatant on public roads so fast! Or???

Finally passed! He was just a trainee and his colleagues wanted to make him a surprise of a very special kind .. They knew he had never seen a woman naked before! So and now I come into play ... I knew his way to work and just approached him, he knew nothing! I've never met such a timid boy! But what happened then I could hardly believe !! WOW, he would have known how his day will run out ... That's what I call a HEFTIG GEILE surprise ............ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew that could have consequences! But that did not matter to me at the moment! 27 degrees and full sun .. I went to the pool to relax, because I came up with a crazy Geile idea! I do not want to know what the lifeguard thought of me afterwards! When he went out he just winked at me, while he had my whole ...... I will not tell you the rest yet ... hehe

If he tells this to his boys, they'll be pretty pale with envy! The very first time ANAL is already violent, but then also equal to a double penetration! He probably had not expected that day when he was on his way to school! I was totally hot on an unknown date and stood almost naked on the street! Any means are right when I'm hot ... I knew where he always drives when he has to attend classes! I had to exploit that directly! His cock was so suddenly blazing that I even had doubts, if everything fits in with me at all! Violent, how wet I suddenly became and ... ..... He will not forget that soon !!!

AAAAAAHHHHH .... Something unpleasant and embarrassing has never really happened to me !!! I had an appointment with the user Frank! On such a summery day I thought you could meet well in the city park .. First everything was quite normal and he seemed a bit shy .. So I made the 1st step .. Phew, I should not have done that ... At least not in the park where loud people could catch us ... Well said - done !!!! SOOOOO PEINLICH !!! Directly at us came a bike driver over .. I am blowing and already half naked !!! Hopefully, there will be no sequel! Well the desire did not take us in any case after the mishap to continue ............ In the middle of the pedestrian walk we have ... .....

I really wanted to lie down in the warm afternoon sun that day .. You really wanted to work! Hmm and who oil me now? I have a very special idea and I am 10000% sure that this works much better! You should now very urgently put your pen aside and take care of me, because otherwise I do not know where to go with my lust and my lust for something ... Hmm sooooo oily as my ass is now there could be a lot of glide in it right? ?????

OH MAN!! Today I met with my sweet Hanna on the Elbe! At the beginning I did not know how this day would end! I have never done anything so CRIMES and THREE! The beach was full of people early in the morning .. We lay down to it and somehow we seemed to be pretty hot on each other .. Hmm but what to do when there are people spread out around !! It was so exciting and when Hanna was already on her knees before me and I felt her warm tongue on my pussy I knew, now there's no turning back .. No matter who to see .. I did not care anymore .. ps If you see If Hanna wanted to enjoy the whole thing, then just have a look at her video!