Your old woman does not bring it anymore, you imagine a life long without her before with me? Cheer up, you do not have to make the decision alone, we'll do it together. For this hot dirty talk I want you to look at him while she sleeps in the next room, - or best still next to you. Wear headphones so that they do not notice our affair, at least not immediately;) I'll make you horny, let you jerk off and in the end you decide only as the session ends;)

Student life can be lonely and sometimes very boring. Of course, I do not miss certain opportunities. I was on the way out when this sweet new neighbor came to meet me. He only spoke French - "would you like to have a coffee" I can say - for my plans that was enough. Of course he came with me to my apartment - he also got the coffee including some extras. It was cool ... but look at it yourself.