As you know, only a week has passed since I ordered my new toys. Unfortunately that also means that I have to wait another week. But unfortunately, too, until I can show you a little more of me. But the wait will certainly be worthwhile for both of us, because I have chosen very special 'toys'. But I hope I can bridge the time a bit with both of them, in which I just show you what I spend my free time otherwise. Just let me seduce you. Should I perform such an erotic dance on the pole for you? dance

I have recently moved and my new neighbor is impossible, every day another old man pops away, so a pervert and I have to endure the loud groaning of the. Now it's enough!, .. I thought to myself ... I went over to him, rang and told him the right opinion, but he reacted quite cool, beg me in ..... starts to turn me on, so I do have become horny .. how does he do that ?? I was just angry and now I would like to blow his cock the best .. well see even continued to go .. ;-)

Honestly, my sweetie, do not you fucking on the first date? Even without gum? Yes, I have to confess to my shame, I was such a bastard like you! But who likes to buy a car without a test drive? After all, I have to know if I date him a second time or not! So I invite him to a test bed on my cot and suddenly my hand was already on his lap! Wow that was fast again! After a hot blowjob I offer him my wet pussy wet doggy! Wow ... So for the sweetness was so shy at first, the fuck was pretty hardcore! But apparently man realizes very quickly how a woman needs it! He grabs me by the neck and heels and rams him in as if there were no tomorrow, turns me on my back and presses him again and again until it stops in my little pussy! Wow that was violent! The harder he got, the faster I came to climax! Again and again! Until he made my twitching pussy so wild that he injected me his warm semen directly into my face! I lick it clean, as befits a good bitch, and ask him to leave ... This is my perfect first date! : P

My first toy slave turned out to be pretty talented, so I was able to let him get a bit closer to me and used him as my personal lick slave. Again, he proves talent, as you can see in the video quite well. Because of that, he also deserved a reward. Let yourself be surprised. Think I'll make a real strapon session with him in the near future, let's see how resilient he is with it !? I am always open for suggestions, so write to Süsser! Kiss, sari