So cute and innocent! What happens here? (LovlyLuna)

Everything starts with a sensual show off! Every rounding of my young, slim body I present to you to really get you in the mood for the following! My round ass you can admire in my pantyhose and then in panties and my little, beautiful breasts are not too short. Now lean back and enjoy the following scene of such a sensual blowjob that you will surely cum! If you know me already, you know how much I like to spoil my opposite with my lips and of course this is also good to see in this video. It makes me happy to suck the initially small cock getting bigger and harder! But that's not enough for me, now follows the most exciting part of the video! I ride my roommate in the reverse cowgirls position and he can only hold back his juice with great difficulty, so will you! My labia glide along the penis and suck down on him! We still do it in the doggy position and I moan aloud with each of his thrusts! Have fun with my video and let me know how you found it :): * - Luna

Starring: LovlyLuna
Categories: Booty, POV, Teens
Length: 16:48
Type: FLV


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