Omg! My first mud slide! (Noradevot)

If the first man can not really satisfy me, a second has to help, right? I had a miserable date today with a guy who just fucked me so he could get his money's worth. Whether I'm doing it was pretty much no matter .. at the end he then injected into me. When he finally left I'm pretty annoyed and creampie cunt in bed when my roommate burst in! "Did you see my purse .." "Oh, sorry, are you visiting?" Good that he is there, maybe he can cheer me up! "No, the guy is gone, but I'm still horny. Are you helping me?" He can not be said twice and fucks me in my pumped-up pussy until I get really horny! Luckily he knows how I need it ..! He pumps my pussy again properly full. Wow, two horny cum loads in me, my first mud slide ..!

Starring: Noradevot
Categories: Creampie, POV, Submissive
Length: 6:27
Type: FLV


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