Dirty Yearning - Ass to Mouth for the princess (little-nicky)


Trapped in the castle of Schwarzennach, the princess remains in her dungeon. Fully starved of her sexual desire, she sinks in thought. She remembers her beloved cousin, with whom she spent some tender moments in the castle tower. How he stroked her tender skin, how they kissed deeply, before they indulged their desire and lust for unrestrained and wild sex. This thought arouses her so much. She wants to feel him deep in her tight plump ass and wants to lick his cock with relish. Her well-formed female body is completely excited, her nipples very hard. She has to do it, she has to surrender to her filthy desire, to the extasy of salvation. Enjoy the dirty moment together with her.

Starring: little-nicky
Categories: Anal, Extreme Hardcore, Redhead
Length: 6:12
Type: FLV


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