My first user rotation with Renè - did not work as expected! (Anne-Eden)

Oh God, what was that? I've never had it that long, but it ends so ... oh dear! It had cost me so much courage and overcoming. How long have we written together and how often have I not dared to do so? But today everything should be different. I really had a date with a user, for a shoot. I think I've never been so excited ... Oh dear, my whole body is shaking, I'm so nervous. After a few meters, it starts all at once, I feel this tingling, this excitement and this lust ... my body goes crazy! And then I see Renè standing in the doorway. He looks a bit pale himself, but it is also our first time both ... but that it would be such a disaster, I would never have imagined!

Starring: Anne-Eden
Categories: Blowjobs, Teens, Vanilla Sex
Length: 18:03
Type: FLV


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