Do you think I'm too bold?!? (JuleStern)

Actually, the friend of my girlfriend should have set me something on the PC. That's why my girlfriend is currently sitting in the car and listening to music. But if he's ever here ... Finally she has bragged to me, what he is for a horny Stecher and that he can handle his belt really well. I think that's where she is now to blame for what's happening between us. And yes, she did not promise me too much. I do not need to convince him to reveal his sex-arts to me. His pants were gone faster than Reiner Calmund from a salad bar. And then it goes on hot, with sharp changes of position. Oh yes, that's just fine. And after his dismissal I'll just dress again. I like it when the warm juice sticks to me and makes me feel like I've just made it again. I also go with him to my girlfriend's car. If they knew, hehehe. Will he tell her about it? I will definitely keep tight. Do you think that's too bold of me? Should I have persuaded you? change

Starring: JuleStern
Categories: Blondes, POV, Teens
Length: 7:40
Type: FLV


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