My first time - I'm incredibly nervous! (Lina-Klein)

Hello, I wanted to say that I dared! I'm so excited and could not think about anything else the whole day. At work, I even got a tray down, that was a little embarrassing ... I really thought that everyone has to look at what I'm going to do at home. The thought that one or the other actually sees it right now makes my nervousness soar. On the way home, I do not know if I hurry, or rather go slowly. I'm really looking forward to it, but this is my first time and I'm so shy, which really annoys me because it's also fun. But I promise you, I will practice a lot for you! I hope you like it :).

Starring: Lina-Klein
Categories: Booty, POV, Teens
Length: 4:21
Type: FLV


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