He just did it and took me ... (Hanna-Sweet)


Actually, I should not worry in my own apartment, if I walk around naked. But since the friend of my roommate always buzzing around here, I always have to be careful! This is really cool and I would like to see his look when he sees me naked ... yesterday I have dried myself off the showers and I accidentally dropped my towel. Nothing bad but really blatant that I then see him watching me and ice cold massaging his penis. Not that the situation was really tingling and embarrassing enough, he put a shit on it: comes up to me, rips off my towel and takes me as if I belong to him! I hope only my roommate learns nothing from ...

Starring: Hanna-Sweet
Categories: Blondes, Teens, Tiny Titties
Length: 4:40
Type: FLV


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