The Shower with my own PEE (deep_inside_Daisy)

It would be embarrassing for ordinary people to talk about what I have to tell you about the pervert thing which happened today. As you know, my experiences are made for you and it excites me to confess my escapades. So let me tell you the story: The cameraman wanted to try another camera and made an appointment with me for test shots. As always, he came too late and I forgot everything in the waiting time completely while I was chatting with my fans. I then I got the bill for this mistake immediately. When he was finally here, I was quite hot to show me in front of the camera. But as soon as I layed in front of him with my gaping wound between my legs, I suddenly had to pee so much that I did not remember how to get to the toilet. The pressure nearly killed me. But then I thought that I should just let it run while I was masturbating. I didn´t have to shy. How many times we had been pissing at each other out of fun and sheer lust. So I sprayed the Golden Shower in the area around me, causing a noisy splash. No wonder that the cameraman likes to be my guest.

Starring: deep_inside_Daisy
Categories: Close Ups, Latex/Leather, Squirting
Length: 3:56
Type: FLV


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