User Fuck meeting at the airport-hotel (Annabel-Massina)

Fuck-test meeting for users. After Mega tail-processing: injection as soon as you can. Long time ago. I met with a user at the airport hotel in Munich. I was so excited, you never know so exactly who's coming. But the lust exceeds most nervousness. My little Cam I just put on the dresser and run. A health screening is an absolute must for me because I want to feel the tail and not plastic, then I can indeed equal take NEN dildo. I was already there early to judge me here. I did not hesitate and moved on the hotel bed in explicit poses. How wild he fell down on the bed, I sucked his cock with relish. He wanted to know for a long time, if I'm really the closest cunt on the net that he would make it. "BIG FOOT :-)" How it feels good? OK said done, I turned midst fucking my particular technique, so I always manage to bring to inject the types immediately. Well since we are curious if he can fuck me times longer than the other big-mouths. But these tests mean yes: I strain me like that so, so I always make it.

Starring: Annabel-Massina
Categories: Blowjobs, Latinas, Stockings
Length: 6:34
Type: FLV


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