Telephoned with Mom! Your friend injected into me pure! (QueenParis)

If mom knew that? For 6 months your friend fucks me! Every day He comes to me and fucks my tight pussy through. He always says Mom's cunt is just not as tight as your;) When he fucked my tight pussy again today really nice, the phone rang! Ohhhh fright it was mom;) What you wanted? The cock of your friend but felt so incredibly good in me that I could not stop now to fuck with him! So he fucked me while I was talking to Mom :) She told me about your relationship problems! She just does not know what's going on with her boyfriend? He's behaving so funny lately ?! Whether he has another? Another fucks? She longs for a baby of Him but he just does not inject in you told me! Poor mom;) In this moment, your friend moans and injected deep inside me! What is he doing there? Mom is still on the phone? Simply unbelievable your friend has injected into me! Am I pregnant now from mom's friend where mom so much wants a baby from him? Scandal!

Starring: QueenParis
Categories: Big Tits, Creampie, Dirty-Talk
Length: 5:06
Type: FLV


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