Go ahead and cry! Minipimmel must suffer! (Miss-Doertie)


You stupid piece so wanted it: You really wanted to meet your sneaker mistress. Now you crawl in front of me whining and do not know where to go with your lust. Stupid, if this brat knows exactly where you have the trigger points that make you run out! Yes, exactly: run out! Such a loser as you can not inject! You're a non-fucker who just will not make it and who will never come near a pussy! You have to give something else to swallow, because unfortunately you are not good for purchasing! So open your mouth: Your mistress wants to screw you! Well, how does that taste ?! Horny right? And then lick the beautiful sneakers of the mistress! Show me what you really have between your legs! Oh man. I can barely keep from laughing and that's exactly what gets you to the top and you have to shrug off, whimpering ... (Caution: Nothing for SM beginner)

Starring: Miss-Doertie
Categories: Dirty-Talk, Female Domination, Masturbation
Length: 4:30
Type: FLV


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