The Abspritz-Competition! Who injected the highest? (Alexandra-Wett)

The Century Bet! My God, that I did not get there earlier ?! Alone, this idea allows me to flow all the juices :-) So I've been looking for 2 potent users who squirt to the bet! :-) I did not need to worry that they would not keep their promise to wank for 2 weeks because everyone wanted to win. The two guys came to my house and lay down in front of me on the dining table. Then I cum both her horny cocks at the same time. I let my breasts hang out so that they squirt faster :-) Of course, both were excited, because no one had dared to do so before! It is a dream 2 jerk off with lust throbbing gorgeous cocks that had not shot down in such a long time. With my special technique, I try to bring them to inject at the same time, so you can see better who squirts more ... Of course, I leave the horny fuck sauce there is not so easy :-)

Starring: Alexandra-Wett
Categories: Masturbation, Orgy, Threesome
Length: 3:34
Type: FLV


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