While he fucked me his wife called, he continued to fuck (Annabel-Massina)


In the middle of foreign fuck, he took the phone call to his wife and just fucked me until the fuck juice just spilled out. We have always been cool together. But I knew that his wife would eventually become suspicious. As he always flirts with me. I was horny anyway that day and knew Mark was on vacation. No sooner had his wife left the house, he was ready to fuck me in the bathroom. Immediately I offered him my plump ass wrapped in a tight leather skirt was there because he forgot on the spot his staid wife and rammed his already swollen cock deep in the neck. We enjoyed every single butt until suddenly his phone rang during the act. OMG! His wife was on it and she was home, but Mark just fucked me on. I had to pull myself together and not scream too loud during the call. But this time his wife probably smelled a fuse or what do you mean?

Starring: Annabel-Massina
Categories: Booty, Close Ups, Latex/Leather
Length: 6:32
Type: FLV


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