Torn in the park - then ripped open ass! (Mira-Grey)

I am chilling in the park and looking a bit on my cell phone, but not even with it you have your peace. A pedestrian recognizes me and speaks to me immediately. If I'm the Mira he asks. It flatters me already so I say "yes". Says he is a big fan of mine, especially because of my "I want to see him so much" ... your ass. I get up and turn a bit but I can not really show it here in public. But I do not live far and decide to take him with me. He can see my ass, touch it, but he has to - fuck him He dares and a short time later I lie naked on the sofa and have a thick cock in the ass - unbelievable. It hugs me so much that I get an anal orgasm. It is incredible how violently my asshole is stretched, even when the tail is outside. The next climax comes as soon as his sperm rains on me. In violent jolts the warm cum hits me. Oh man yum! Never thought that a spontaneous walk in the park can develop so cool. Maybe we meet each other, will you come to see me?

Starring: Mira-Grey
Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Fetish
Length: 6:09
Type: FLV


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