Innocent pastor's daughter: The first time through the back door! (sandy226)

I still miss the words .. My first time anal and so hard until I almost cried and screamed in front of Schme * z. I was embarrassed when the sturdy Dachdeckerbursche me just addressed the window and promised me he would show me something I had never seen before - of course! He fucked me so blatantly (especially my little asshole) in between, I scream in front of Schme * z but he does not let up and just fucks me brutally. But I have to say I wanted to have it so synonymous my ass should finally be deflowered properly. From behind he grabbed me on my plump ass and then rammed me his cock just inside ... AUUTSCHHH and without stretching before! Ruthlessly he pushed his cock into my virgin asshole (I was never used before but Geil found it anyway!) This was my 1st time ANAL and the same with such a fat cock WOW

Starring: sandy226
Categories: Anal, Big Dick, Extreme Hardcore
Length: 7:17
Type: FLV


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