He used my ass until he cried (DaddysLuder)


Ouch, something went wrong with this ass fuck than usual. Whether his cock was too hard, shitty the position or my rosette just too tight, I honestly do not know. In any case, it felt like he would split my buttocks like the first time and he used my asshole pretty nasty. I had to howl all at once, but he was too horny and just rammed further into my back and had it really fun! Since I was really happy when he wanted to miss me the "mercy shot" and I almost happy him despite pain at the bullshit my face to cumshot have kept !!! Why it hurt so much, I still do not know, in any case, I can not sit now! His sayings while he slammed me in my asshole but were also really puke, this lousy anal saddle pig !!!

Starring: DaddysLuder
Categories: Anal, Facials, Rough sex
Length: 6:05
Type: FLV


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