Normally, I really do not stand on this position. I find it uncomfortable, strange, just cramped but the dear Tim has persuaded me to try it with him and OH YES! it's worked out. I also rarely come first. I'd rather satisfy the man and save my energy for later, but he really knows how to touch me so I can not say no. Then Tim was allowed to cum of course then. One hand washes the other. The "process": D was filmed from several perspectives and the quality is again the hammer. During my orgasm, my face is filmed, so you can see how I enjoy it. It's fun to turn Tim with you. Ah and PS Thanks for the orgasm;)

Finally I was able to talk to my ex and turning partner. Such a stalker. Again and again he bothers me, but I hope that has an end for all time. But I hardly compliment him out and want to get ready to go out with a girlfriend, he is back behind me. Still has a second key. Actually, I'm totally mad at him, but he just knows how he makes me so horny and wet. First he fumbles me through, as I have always loved it, licking me and then I feel his mighty thong already inside me. Somehow I missed it, too, as I am filled out. But after he has vollgesaut me from top to bottom with his hot sperm, then I still feel the grudge in me, although I love that. As an ex and former filming partner, would you be such an affectionate pig?

I missed the bus and luckily a car came over, which took me. But the guy is really not normal anymore! He stopped at the next stop and wanted SEX! I was REALLY afraid we would be seen! And somehow he was pretty rough! Just when I wanted to break off, he pushes his cock in me. But the best comes to the end: He leaves me vollgewichst and stunned .... I'm lost for words!!!! Really, she does not have any more !!!!!

I met on vacation with my sweet teen girlfriend Tammy. Somehow we came to the subject of blowjob, deepthroat, etc. and then she actually bets with me that she would get the sperm in front of me if we do a blowjob contest with a guy! Of course, I had to find out now that finding a suitable tail was thankfully not difficult, so get there! I completely white and she went in black so go. She has really put in a lot of hard work and I have also given everything, sucked and smacked and sucked ... I think the guy was really blown by us in the sky ;-D But how did it go? Was there semen? Which slut did it get ???

Oh how is that wonderful to hold two cocks in the hands and alternately suck the crests hard always with the thought the harder the hornier they fuck me my insatiable holes hehe. Then it started and I was mercilessly each of my holes alternately stuffed to the stop. One fucked me hard in the mouth while the other shamelessly alternately turned my Muchiloch and my asshole inexorably successively. It was really hard to keep the one tail in his mouth because I wanted to groan and scream so loud but as a good Dreilochschlampe I have to show nunmal that I get along with it, right? ;)

I was the first time so strong and long withdrawn the air that I thought now it's over ... but I prefer to start from the beginning: My former friend had prepared something exclusive for me, it was just 2 weeks ago that mine Parents forbade me to bring a man back home with him and we could not go there because often the police had disturbed us during the act. So he has behind my back a small fine room, where we undisturbed and so loud we wanted to fuck. But what happened then was incomprehensible to me. That day I realized I always want to be fucked like this. Too strong blows he distributed me with the whip or whip the more he fucked, it was the best sex of my life and I'm glad I recorded this. The full length movie goes from 11pm to 3:30 pm, more than 4:30 hours. Only a meal break at BK we had inserted from about 40 minutes. So over 3:30 hours of pure sex. It is unbelievable and I will try to upload smaller parts here and there. But it is a lot of work to cut this out ... see for yourself .....

I'm on the way back from my hot shoot in Berlin and during the drive I'm again so badly horny, just at Rastplatz ran bissl rubbed the pussy I get upset on an anal fuck, so I just rubbish n truck drive on ask him brazenly me wants to fuck in the ass does not hesitate long takes me on the back blank spray me the juice in the tight ass, hmmm Runs nice out I pull my leggings back to thank me and continue driving.