OMG !!! What a blatant action! Everyone can drive by train and bus, it is much more exciting to ride someone else's car. So I put my sign on the rest area, because I did not go fast enough, I added "FOR FREE SEX" and barely 5 minutes later, someone had already stopped for me. My horny body could convince him directly and we disappeared to the bathroom! His excited Fickprügel he stuck directly into my sweet bubble mouth. I love it when men know what they want! But bubbles alone is not enough for him, he wants to feel my tight wet fuck hole. Doggy and standing he rammed his hard cock again and again into my willing pussy. With each thrust he penetrates deeper and harder in my hole, until pain and lust merge into a mega hot orgasm. Ohhh my god is that awesome !! So you can drive then, then relaxed long stretches, or start again in the middle! : P

I wanted to go shopping and parked the car down in the parking garage. But had to pee sooo urgently, my bladder sooo full. In jeans and heels, I walk through the parking garage, I can not hold it anymore. The warm sparkling bubbles from my cunt, it hisses really cool ... mhhh so wet my pants, the heels with champagne, I'm making a huge puddle. , Do you like hot pee like me?

For me it can sometimes be harder and not just gentle, careful and romantic. That's nothing new for you! :-P I love the hard and spontaneous sex! Why? Because I'm absolutely excited about it and it makes me crazy when my pants are pulled down, he tackles my butt and puts his cock in me. He's in control all the time and I can just enjoy. I'm going crazy when I see how his excitement then unloads in a creampie. I really needed that again!

Extreme: Ouch that was fierce! Well, I have now of my cheeky style, motto of course, no problem, as if I had done it many times. Now I had to go through, although sometimes it was really painful, I was just about to cry, now just show no feelings, then they form a little bit on it, no, that's not possible. My face that's an experience ..., just a really rough massacre!

In keeping with the Christmas season, I've thought of something very special. I did not just want to surprise you, but to amaze you, hihii. All morning, I'm running nervously through my apartment ... what should I wear? The sweet red lingerie or rather the sexy black outfit with the new suspenders from my advent calendar. Oh I'm so excited ... I think I'll take that black, hihii. But first I jump under the hot shower. Christmas music in the background and fittingly I practice my hip swing ... today nothing should go wrong! Dried and moved ... looked at in front of the mirror, it looks quite good, hihii. I'm just throwing the bathrobe over it quickly and then it's already ringing at my door. I can not wait, open the door for you and without saying anything I lead you into the living room ... are you ready for the surprise?