A day like any other, the university is over and I'm sitting on the bus home. As always, this hot guy from the year sits on the bus above me. He has his headphones on, me too. We look at each other every now and then, smiling at each other, but no one dares to say anything ... oh god I would just like to say hello, but I do not dare. So I sit in the row behind him and listen to my music. But then he gets up all at once, although he otherwise drives two stops further. My mood goes down and I feel annoyed that I have not said or done anything. But before he's at the door he suddenly turns around and comes back ... right to me ... oh god, Hihii. I shiver all over, trying to suppress my nervousness. He greets me, sits down next to me and we quickly get into conversation. But after a few minutes, I'll have to get out of the car ... No matter, he'll come with me and we'll run to him. We understand each other so well we can not leave the attention to each other, this tingling in my body, this lust that rises in me ... This feeling is so intense and strong, we can not even make it to the apartment ...

A dear user, whom I had met many times before, had the great desire to push into my back door ... I discussed it with him for a long time, because I am the anal fairy: D But he said he existed Make a great effort and be very careful ... said - done! So we met and I was quite nervous, if it would work this time but it started cool, so I could push his big cock nice in the butt ... tried a few horny positions and then really nice deep inseminated my pussy - was very cool :)

Excited Lia and I are sitting on the couch, the television crew is coming soon with the moderator. Again and again we assure ourselves that we can do it. Above all, I'm sooo excited. I have never had anything with a woman and then the first time with camera crew and many strange men who want to watch us. It rings and everyone enters my little apartment. "Why are so damn many?" I ask shocked. Together we can do that, I think. As the cameras are pointed at us, we start to see people walking around trying to pick us up at the perfect angle. It is talked and discussed and we, intertwined, in the middle. Finally, everyone wants to take a short break, only Lia, me and a friend who accompanied us with the camera stay in my meanwhile very hot small living and working room. Lia closes the door, comes to me and then it really starts. The whole accumulated energy and lust can finally get out! Quite undisturbed, we finish what we started before all and it was just incredibly terrific!

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