Almost 30 degrees and in Cuxhaven not a single 6m parking for the Chevy. So what to do? Looking for a secluded spot to do it outdoors on the '65 Impala SS itself, and in the end, make up for the driver for putting 50 liters in the ozone hole for nothing - nothing, because it was just too crowded. But so he can bump into the hole again, until I'm full of his hard injector ... as me blubbering a 5.4 liter block but turns it on!

I was at the river and it was already dusk wanted to try my hand in fishing, my fishing I already had in the water and hoped that something bites. Unfortunately, I do not have a fishing license and then there was already the water attendant behind me and wants to see your fishing license, of course I had nothing. Then he wanted my personal details and threatened with ad for poaching. Damn, then I flattered Him and made Him an offer. And although I could take care of his tail and of course he bit on. That's men. hehe

I had to pee urgently and then I quickly perched in the field and piss off. Fuck with full bubble would have been stupid. : P I saw the farmer standing behind the field, but he could not see us. That made me even hornier, that my column was getting moister. We have fucked horny and I've already sprayed his cream on the tongue. If you like it leave me a comment and a rating. :)

Public blown off on the highway tail. With this experiment, I wanted to find out how long it takes until a guy dares to dig me. Because it looks like I'm the new suction station in the city. So I just stood by this sign. It took less than 5 minutes for the first one to speak to me. Strange but true. So we drove around the corner, where I got him really horny on the highway. Here I will stand more often.

Who knows me exactly, knows it. I'm a real lady and a lady like me, I can not give a disgusting tongue to her intimate areas STILL, she lets ugly slave tails off. A real LADY manages to fuck a slave in the head, without revealing their intimate zones. However, I am also known as a kind and fair mistress. For this reason, I have allowed my two solid slaves to once again feel a real, horny and even very PRETTY cunt. It takes a lot of patience and dedication to become my property, but as you can see, it's worth it! ;-)